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Fountain  3D Design & Conception 



Concept Planning

The most important point on a fountain installation is the flexibility of the system. Using 3D design software you're able to simply try and test all kinds of effects and combinations in the planning stage on a virtual fountain installation. This allows you to help decide if the system is what the client is expecting and if any other equipment could be required.



One of the main advantages of our software is the ability to create high impact and breath taking photo realistic animations. Using the powerful 3D Engine we are able to make an animation in the same way as if you were programming a real multimedia show. 3D-Models can be easily imported from programs such as Cinema4D, 3Dmax or Sketch-up. Using high end gaming technologies and GPU rendering features, we can create a very high quality video with very short render times.

What do we need to make a fountain animation?


  • Shape and dimensions of the architectural fountain basin.

  • Number of nozzles, type, location, orientation and dimensions of the jets.

  • Number of solenoids and frequency converters, also their location.

  • Optionally, photos of the environment where the architectural fountain will be placed.

  • For a musical fountain project, we will need the song for the 3D fountain animation, and should never exceed 2 mins.

3Dmax fountain simulation

Syncronorm Depence 3D

 fountain simulation

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