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DMX technology



  • Include DMX electronics needed and touchscreen PC to rule the dancing or musical fountain.

  • With the software you can set the synchronization between water features,lighting and musical choreography.

  • Possibility to program remotely, enabling a secure internet connection.

  • Allows communication between the software and the equipment to be controlled by a single cable, greatly reducing the wiring inside the dancing fountain.

  • We control all elements of the music fountain, either individually or in sets, thanks to the DMX protocol.



  •    The musical fountain show make water dance to the beat of the music and are currently one of the most demanded shows around the world. This type of water entertainment technologies are based on the DMX technology integrated into the Control Panel that rules the whole water show. These control panels are designed by Safe-Rain expressly for the needs of your dancing fountain, and contain a touchscreen PC, DMX software and electronics to make water dancing to the beat of the music.


  • Setting the stage for the musical fountain

    If desired, we can define the logical scenario for your dancing water fountain configuring your software for, when you get to the Control Panel, the equipment has already defined the physical elements that forms your music fountain. In addition, each component of themusical fountain show is already configured with his DMX channel and address, to facilitate subsequent water show settings.


  •  Setting up the musical show

  • It consists of defining within software, the dance of the different sets of water and lights to the beat of music. You can do yourself the software set up, or ask us to configure your musical fountain show.


Additional services for your Water Show


In VALDIM we understand the complexity of water entertainment industry and the difficulties that many of our customers are facing when designing and implementing these projects. That is why we offer the following additional services:



Virtualizing your dancing fountain in 3D

With our 3D fountain animation technology we are able to show the performance of the music fountain and, if you wish, we can recreate with 3D the location and urban elements of the environment where the fountain will be set.

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